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Robinson wrote and directed the play DEATH BY POWERPOINT which won the Encore! Producer's Award at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival.  The original one-hour play has recently been expanded to full length.


SYNOPSIS: DEATH BY POWERPOINT is set at the fictional National Global Influencers Finals, where the country’s top speakers compete to destroy the audience’s "Cherished Beliefs" in their quest to be crowned Global Influencers Champion. In pursuit of this goal, the speakers use manipulation, intellectual gymnastics, emotion, lies and theatrics to compete with each other, often revealing unintentional truths about themselves in the process. Four “Expert Speakers” present, backed by large projected presentations that amplify their efforts to manipulate and challenge the audience.


LUCY is sharp, ambitious and competing in the finals for the first time. She is a protégé of the champion Matthew, and her strategy is to crush the soul of the audience, then resurrect them at the last minute.


MARK is a legend in this competition, but he has always been the bridesmaid, never the bride. His strategy this year is a scorched-earth attack - blaspheming everything modern American society believes about success.


JOAN is the newbie — Seemingly unsophisticated and chatty, she surprises the others with her skills.


MATTHEW is the two-time champion and is desperate to win a third, he uses a sophisticated bait-and-switch strategy that risks everything.


A comic and slightly existential attack on beliefs that 21st century moderns may hold dear, DEATH BY POWERPOINT features four thought-provoking presentations in a contest that becomes life-or-death itself.


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD SCRIPT (full length version)

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